Evolve Learning Group Ltd delivers bespoke, tailor made and employer focused training. We do this through a mix of classroom based teaching and learning, and workplace training and assessment. Our model uses a range of delivery patterns so you are able to procure the training you need to ensure staff excel at their job. Your company can select the best way for training to be organised and delivered, and our excellent staff will manage the process.


  • We built Evolve Learning Group Ltd from the ground up and are developing an increasing portfolio of training contracted with a broad range of employers.
  • Our Apprenticeships are designed to set new standards within the sector, improving career prospects and business profitability while delivering a risk and reward scheme which will be the first within the training sector.
  • We treat people as individuals, offering individualised learning programmes. Evolve also provide ongoing advice and guidance as standard practice.
  • We deliver in London and the south east and work closely with targeted larger employers across England.


  • We thrive on feedback. Learner and employer focus groups carried out quarterly enable us to improve and evolve our provision.  We always want to be better than we currently are.
  • We embrace digital technology. All apprenticeships are delivered using an e-portfolio to provide a constant stream of monitoring and progress data for the learner and their employer.
  • Our Staff are up to date. We have a robust CPD programme for all our staff. This includes mandatory training and vocational knowledge improvement to drive up standards.
  • We provide extra help when it’s needed. Our learners have access to high standard of support provided through our Additional Learning Support program.

We prioritise the Safeguarding of our students, staff and clients so everyone has a comfortable and safe environment to work and progress in. Find out how you can support Safeguarding and Prevent by clicking here.