How an online reputation can make or break your business

Make or break your business with your online reputation

In this week’s blog, we look at the importance of an online reputation and ways in which you can successfully improve it, by establishing guidelines, policies and engaging with your own employees.

Being online is essential for modern businesses. Consumers expect to find information about the company within a few clicks, whether it is a catalogue of the newest products, a press release or opening hours. One thing associated with an online presence is reputation. Prospective customers or partners can now easily find what others have to say about a company, and online presence can literally make or break you.

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful social tool and its power was only amplified with the invention of the Internet and review websites such as Google Reviews and Yelp.


Is distance learning the way forward for professionals?

In our second article of 2018, we have looked at technology developments and how distance learning may be the best learning style for professionals!

Distance learning courses have become increasingly popular in the last decade and their popularity continues to grow exponentially. Due to the latest technological developments, students can now study whenever and wherever they want to. They are also provided with much better and faster feedback and have access to online discussions with fellow students, which enhances their learning experience. Distance learning courses open education to more people and enhance career prospects for numerous learners while allowing employers to upskill their staff and keep up with the latest developments.



What will 2018 bring? Tech skills, digital recruitment & more…

2018 – what’s new and what can you expect?

The new year has arrived and in our first blog of 2018, we look at the changes relevant to further education, recruitment and training.

We’ve highlighted key changes to legislation which will affect learners and businesses and will map how they fit in with the government’s long-term strategy which reaches beyond 2018.



Recruitment Technologies for 2018

How technology has and will change recruitment in 2018

We have already discussed how technology changed education and how virtual reality affects different industries but digital technology, from the internet to Skype, has also changed the hiring process and this is what we will be looking at in this recruitment post.

The changes in the recruitment process reflect the changes in the job market itself. Today’s job market is candidate-driven, and it is up to companies and recruiters to seek and attract the best talent. The number of positions, as well as applicants, is growing continuously every year which means that recruiters have more people to engage with therefore more CVs to go through. The CVs themselves also changed and the majority of companies now ask for electronic CVs rather than paper ones. This also allows people to add portfolios and personalise their CVs with other features, which is very useful especially in the creative industries The growth in the entertainment economy and seasonal work also changed the job market significantly with a huge increase in the amount of hourly paid jobs.


The Importance of Practical Skills

We discuss how important practical skills are when it comes to employment and how skills impact a business as a whole.


The requirements for a job can be essentially divided into two categories – knowledge (this includes education, training and experience) and skills. While qualifications can be gained through studies, skills come from a hands-on experience in the field and industry. The importance of demonstrable skills is growing and with it grows the prominence of apprenticeships – a pathway of gaining experience and skills with no prior qualifications. Many young people, as well as older professionals, are encouraged to consider apprenticeships and their many career benefits. The importance of skills is being recognised by competitions and awards shows, taking place at regional, national and international level.