Top 3 tips for converting a sale

In this week’s blog, we’re focusing on employees. Yes, all of them, and how each employee can contribute to the sales cycle.

We’ve set out our top three tips for converting a sale. Let us know in the comments or direct message if you have any others!



1. The Puppy Dog Close

Unless you have a soft spot for felines, there really isn’t anyone who can resist a cute puppy. Yet the puppy dog close isn’t limited to just pets. This tip is based on giving your prospects the chance to ‘try before they buy’ your product or service.

This angle will work to its best ability when you get the impression that the prospect is intrigued and wants to get their hands on it first before progressing further. While it’s not always possible with every service offering, especially in service industries like the education sector, try to explore whether you can squeeze in a free sample or taster session with no obligations. Most people will say yes, as there’s no risk (or cost) attached to the transaction. The chances of people saying yes will increase if you remove barriers relating to data capture too as the prospect will assume they will be marketed to or contacted at some point in the near future.

If your product or service is worth the credit you’re giving it, chances are your prospects will see that too. Once they’ve fallen for what you have to offer, they are less likely to cancel.


2. Build a Relationship

Any salesperson should know that if a customer likes you, the chances of signing on the dotted line are higher than usual. However, if they do not get along with you, for whatever reason, it is less likely that what you are offering is going to appeal to thm, particularly in the service industries.

When you speak to your prospects, don’t treat them like numbers or statistics or make it known that you’re only looking to close the deal and pock your commission. Build a rapport with them and establish a relationship that you can grow and develop.

Remember, it’s not just about how to close sales on the spot. Playing the good long game is also an effective technique that can turn an otherwise dubious lead to a loyal customer with increased potential for add on sales It’s key to develop a relationship where the prospect will buy from you again and again and far more valuable than a one-hit wonder.


3. Add a Cherry on top – but don’t charge

No matter what the situation, people like feeling valued. Whether it’s a compliment from a friend or a free gift, having the feeling that you’re being given special treatment is something we’re all looking for and almost expecting now as a customer and makes the sales process just that little bit easier.

Adding offers or incentives that are ‘tailored to you’ may feel gimmicky but they can dramatically increase your overall sales. Try to throw in items or services that won’t impact your bottom line but add plenty of value to the customer. Think free service, not free pens.

You can combine this one with a sharp angle close. For example, “if you sign up today, I’ll throw in an added extra for no charge”.

Hopefully, these tips can give you an edge when it comes to engaging with your customers or prospects. If you’ve got any other tips that work well for front-facing or front line staff, then let us know!

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Everyone is a sales person – 3 top tips for front facing roles