Distance learning courses are a convenient, effective, affordable way to add to your CV, and even have some fun along the way!

distance learning


What is a distance learning course?

A distance learning course is an online or workbook based qualification aimed at giving you the highest quality theory training in a specialist area and can be completed within 4-6 weeks. These are great for supporting your knowledge in an area as well as supporting your professional development in the workplace.



Studying with Evolve, you can:

  • set your own timetable and work at your own pace
  • Study in the comfort of your own home which is far superior to classroom conditions
  • fit your study around your other commitments
  • have no prior qualifications as we make them accessible to everyone
  • you can take whatever time you need as there are no completion deadlines
  • study for free as there is no cost for undertaking this course
  • have a friendly tutor to access by email or telephone for support and advice.

Accreditation by a nationally recognised body guarantees that your course will be of the highest standard and that your qualification will be respected, relevant and recognised.

We offer distance learning in the following areas (click the titles for course leaflets):

General Business/Office:

Health and Social Care:

Perhaps like many other of our students you want to take a course to:

  • Change career that requires a particular qualification
  • Train to a higher level in order to get a promotion
  • Gain more security in your current job
  • Obtain qualifications relevant to further education at University
  • Understand a particular subject to a much deeper level
  • Become proficient in a new skill or craft
  • Enjoy the thrill of really understanding something new
  • Invest in yourself and enrol today

Business Benefits:

Business Benefits:

  • Ensures staff can manage pain and discomfort
  • Reinforces the importance of communication
  • Creates better person-centred care
  • Gives employees a high standard of learning
  • Reduces risk of malpractice and negligence

Learner Benefits:

Learner Benefits:

  • Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification
  • Furthers personal and professional development
  • Receive a set of high-quality learner support materials
  • Gain support from a dedicated team of qualified assessors/tutors

Learner Information:

As a Learner, you will have access to online resources specially designed to assist you with the completion of the assessments. There is no end exam and you will have access to Tutor support and will receive feedback on your progress throughout the program.

There is an initial induction which will be delivered remotely (by telephone/ email) depending on the most appropriate method. The course should take you approximately 6 weeks to complete with regular work submission dates. On successful completion, you will achieve a nationally accredited certificate.

These courses are offered fully funded to individuals who meet the following Funding Eligibility Criteria detailed below:

  • The learner must be 19 years old or over. Born before the 1st September 1997
  • The learner must live in England
  • The learner must not be in full-time education
  • The learner must have had permanent lawful residency in the UK/EU for the last 3 consecutive years
  • You must not have previously completed any part of the requested qualification and/or similar qualifications and must not be in a similar job role to the chosen course

Contact Evolve today to discuss your options:


learners@evolvelearninggroup.co.uk – enrol yourself

employers@evolvelearninggroup.co.uk – enrol your staff